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We’ll connect over the phone for a free consultation call so we can get a better sense of who you are and what your travel style is.

planning fee

If you’re ready to move forward with having us plan your trip, we’ll send you an invoice for our planning fee so we can start putting your trip together.

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We’ll put in the hours researching the best travel options for you, relying on relationships with our ground partners. We work collaboratively with our on-the-ground suppliers partners (a.k.a destination management companies and/or tour operators) to put together your itineraries. They are experts in the destination where we’re an expert in you and travel as a whole!

initial itinerary

You’ll receive one or two initial itineraries to review. Then, we’ll work together to finesse your itinerary until it makes you so excited you can’t stand it!

booking travel

We book and coordinate each component of your trip including, ground transportation, trains, hotels, tours, and more. Whatever your trip requires, we make it happen (excluding international airfare). We’ll discuss this on our call.

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receive and review documents

We’ll review all components of your trip together before departure. You’ll have easy access to all of your documents and information via a smartphone app, so it’s always at your fingertips.

trip support

The personalized service that will make all the difference... we’re just an email or text away before, during, and after your trip.


The only thing left to do now? Enjoy your trip of a lifetime, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have our full support every step of your journey.

meet your advisor

You'll be matched with an experienced travel advisor. Meet them HERE!

Like most travel advisors we work on commission, which means we receive a commission percentage from the travel suppliers we work with. However, we do charge a nonrefundable trip planning fee. You’re hiring us because of our twenty plus years of experience, connection to in destination partners that help us plan and execute your vacation and ensuring that the experience meets and beats the Instagram influencer’s photo. Our planning fee allows us to always have our clients’ best interests at heart. It also allows us to offer your concierge planning services, so we can manage every detail—large and small—of your trip for you.

Our fee starts at $500 for new clients and $250 once you’re a loyal client. This may change depending on the group size, trip length, or intricacy of the trip. We’ll let you know our fee for the services you’re looking for during our complimentary consultation call.

For the planning fee, you will receive an invoice from us after our initial complimentary consultation call, which is payable with any credit card. Once you’re ready to book the components of your trip, we’ll collect your credit card information either via a secure form or over the phone— whichever you prefer. Depending on our supplier partners we’re working with, you may be asked to sign a document with their terms and conditions at time of deposit also. We’ll notify you if that’s required.

Rest assured, we will guide you through the entire process. Whenever we need something from you—like your approval for a trip component or your signature on a document—we will reach out to let you know. We work hard to ensure we stay on track during the planning process, and we won’t let you miss any deadlines!

Yes, absolutely. Typically, we will reach out to remind you at least a week before final payment is due. We will also never run your credit card without explicit permission from you.

You bet! A few weeks before departure, you receive a special pre departure email from us with guidance on pre-departure reminders, tipping, and other necessary travel tips to ensure your trip is smooth sailing! For “from-the- field” travel tips and inspiration, we invite you to follow along with our blog and e-newsletter for the most up-to- date information.

Typically, we will send you all of your travel documents 2-4 weeks before your trip departure. Often, we like to make these documents available to you via a smartphone app, so you can access them easily while you’re traveling. We also include travel tips and reminders with your documents to ensure the most stress-free travel experience possible for you.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is knowing you have expert support while on your trip. We will give you our personal cell phone number, so we’re always just a text or phone call away. You can email us as well.

don't see your question? feel free to email us!


We’re committing to crafting seamless and tailor-made travel itineraries inspired by your preferences and desires. We’ll take the time to understand you, then use our expert knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind trip for you.

We don’t specialize in every travel style, we only send clients to properties and destinations that we’ve done extensive research on or that someone on the team has visited. This means we don’t work with any Airbnb or VRBOs because we can’t vet them. 

As a rule, we only work with companies that have your best interests at heart. If the company doesn’t work to create an agreeable solution for our clients, they’re off our preferred vendor list. 

We deeply care about giving you the best, and this is how we make that happen.

Lastly, we truly are experts at what we do, and we love working with clients who hire us to do our jobs. This means if you love doing your own research, want to stay outside of our preferred vendor list, or enjoy creating spreadsheets of every detail, we’re not the best fit.