It's one thing when we say we're great. It's another to hear it from one of the 4,000+ people who've sat on your side of the table and wondered if it's really worth it to invest in a travel advisor. Take it from them. 

Whether you're a family, a couple or a solo traveler, we’re committed to crafting a one-of-a kind travel itinerary for you that's inspired by  your preferences and desires.


“Heather Christopher is the best travel agent we have ever worked with. She kept us up to date with the plans and itinerary, and the whole travel process with details. Will never use anyone else to make travel plans. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she gets one quickly.”

from: D + G
Destination: tahiti

“6 weeks before our wedding, my husband and I looked at each other and realized we had zero plans for our honeymoon (cue face-palm). Thankfully a friend of mine recommended Heather! Within a day she had emailed us back, set up a phone call, and answered some basic questions on dates, locations, and excursions. Within a week, we had a full-fledged itinerary, including booked flights, hotel, and nightly dinner reservations. It ended up being such a spectacular trip."


“We first worked with Heather for our honeymoon where she planned the most incredible trip to Belize! We just got back from a getaway to Mexico and it was absolutely perfect! Heather found the most perfect resort for us and I didn’t have to do any work to get us there. Hotel, flights, transportation, reservations, they took care of it all! Heather and her team are the absolute best – we will not plan any trips without her anymore!”


"Wonderful to work with! Not only did they help plan, but also ensured the execution of all plans. Truly a business that does indeed care through their actions and not just their words. We plan on using HC again this year and have referred her to friends and family!"


“Heather and her team prepared and executed a truly amazing trip for our family group of 7. The hotels chosen were amazing and captured each different part of Italy we visited. Transportation from city to city was coordinated so well that it was a breeze. Dinner reservations were well curated and so appreciated. There is nothing worse than being really hungry after a day of walking and not knowing where to eat. We never ran into that problem! Appreciate all of the hard work and detail HC Travel Firm put into our trip!”

FROM: The K Family

“We first met Heather and her incredible team when she assisted with booking travel arrangements for our out of town guests for our wedding and then she helped us with our honeymoon, after that the rest is history! Heather and her team have helped us with multiple international trips and we’ll never travel without them! They make the process so easy so we can just focus on the vacation part. Heather and her team have always detailed each trip to our specific plans and go out of their way to book things we’re interested in doing. We really will never travel without them, her team is a worthwhile investment and a guarantee for a smooth amazing trip. We recommend HC Travel Firm to everyone.”

DESTINATION: Puerto Vallarta 

“Everything was so well put together, we honestly could not stop raving about it. It was so nice not to worry about anything and have everything happen like it said on the itinerary! I'm totally an anxious traveler and I was so worried drivers wouldn't show, etc, but it was perfect! We are already talking about how we want to plan another trip with HC Travel Firm. It's seriously the only way to do it!”

FROM: The A Family

“We're sitting in the Dublin airport waiting to go home (boo) & I wanted to take a moment to send you an email thanking you for planning such an amazing trip for us. It was the perfect blend of busy without rushing & we never felt exhausted at the end of each day. Our private tour guides were fantastic & each of them were impressed by things on our itinerary. We absolutely love Ireland & can't wait to come back to see some things we missed.”

FROM: The K Family

“We had another amazing trip planned by Heather and her team. We visited Jackson Hole during a super busy time and because she booked all of our excursions in advance, the whole thing was worry free. Our hotel was great and the service providers were great for both our safari and the rodeo. Can’t wait to finish planning our next trip!”


“We had a great trip! With this being our first time visiting, we’re so glad we had Leah to recommend daily trips. This helped make sure we were organized & hit all the sites that were in the same area. The app with maps was also extremely helpful!”


“Our entire week in Nantucket was a dream come true. From dining to sailing to a surprise fishing charter, everything was absolutely wonderful. Madison was so patient with us! She was extremely helpful and understanding as we created and shifted our itinerary. The app made us feel organized without having to plan for the next day, and we referred back to Madison's dining recommendations often. Everything was absolutely wonderful! I would recommend HC Travel Firm and Nantucket to any honeymooners!”

DESTINATION: nantucket, ma 

“We had the best time! Everything was seamless and every person we interacted with was wonderful and professional - every driver was on time, every tour guide was warm and knowledgeable. It was a 10 out of 10 and we were so grateful to you for making it so that we could enjoy and relax without stressing over the details. Thanks a million!”

FROM: The R Family

“Heather and her team made planning and going on our vacation super easy. I was able to show up at the airport with my bags, get to my destination, and lay on the beach. Can't get much better than that! They are always very responsive and knowledgeable. She also took care of the hotel block for our wedding with ease. Highly recommended for any type of vacation!”


“Heather and her team made planning and going on our vacation super easy. I was able to show up at the airport with my bags, get to my destination, and lay on the beach. Can't get much better than that! They are always very responsive and knowledgeable. She also took care of the hotel block for our wedding with ease. Highly recommended for any type of vacation!”


“We just returned from a 9 day trip to London, England and Edinburg, Scotland with our two boys (13 and 10). Heather was amazing to work with! She planned a wonderful trip that we all enjoyed, with the perfect mix of activities geared towards the kids and the adults. We highly recommend her services and will not be planning any major trips without her! Do yourself a favor and let the professionals handle the planning so you can relax and enjoy the memories!”

FROM: The B Family
DESTINATION: United Kingdom 

"Heather and her firm were great to work with! Our trip plans for our 10 day Italy vacation went seamlessly and she was responsive & there to help when needed! Her recommendations were thoughtful & unique and some of the favorite parts of our trip! Heather even set up special honeymoon surprises for us, which made our trip that much more special! We can’t wait to plan our next trip with Heather!"


"I literally cannot say enough about Heather and HC Travel Firm! I was getting married and knew that I wasn’t going to be able to plan my dream honeymoon and a wedding at the same time. My wedding planner pointed me in Heather's direction and I never looked back.

From the start she listened to what I wanted and made my dreams come true. I knew we wanted Greece and I had actually already did some of the legwork but when We had an initial meet and greet where she got my ideas she took everything I had and ran with it. She came back with the best proposal and some alternatives so that I could build the perfect trip! When all that was done, it came on an APP! I am such a planner so having everything I would have done, done for me was amazing. My husband and I literally didn’t second guess anything. Anything we could have worried about or thought of was covered by Heather.

Our hotels were amazing, the activities were fantastic, and she even gave me a list of restaurants and made reservations for us ahead of time. 

I will be using Heather for any trip big or small from here on out. 10/10 recommend."


“Molly was excellent to work with! She was attentive throughout the planning process and made our trip extremely special from the time we arrived to the time we departed.”


“We worked with Heather for our honeymoon (as well as for our wedding with hotel blocks - also an amazing experience) and it was truly the most amazing trip we've ever taken! This was our first time using a travel agent and now I can't imagine booking an international trip without Heather and her team.

She planned 11 nights for us in French Polynesia and took care of literally every detail you could imagine. There was transportation organized for us at every step in the itinerary, so it felt like we really just had to show up and the rest was handled for us. She sent us restaurant recommendations a few months prior so she could organize the reservations, which was such a huge help because I can get bogged down at looking at restaurants/menus, so this part was especially helpful for me. We had one of our excursions canceled due to weather and Heather promptly got us refunded.

We had such an amazing experience with Heather and her team that we've already booked not just one more trip, but two more trips with her for 2024! I've been shouting "HC Travel Firm" at the top of my lungs to anyone who will listen because they are seriously the best in the business and always try to go above and beyond for their clients. If you put your trust in Heather and her team, they won't steer you wrong! Could not recommend working with them enough.”


“We absolutely LOVED everything about the Italy trip Madison planned for us! I could go on & on about so many details. Throughout our stay, we were greeted by name by almost every employee we happened to walk past. Any question or reservation request we approached them with was immediately taken off our hands—with a smile—and then solved perfectly for us while we were off enjoying ourselves. The service was truly outstanding. Thank you again for all your work & thoughtfulness in making that experience so memorable for us. A trip of a lifetime.” 

FROM: B + T 

“Our trip was exceptional! The level of detail within our itinerary with things to know and do were above & beyond! It really helped make our trip that much more enjoyable and helped us feel comfortable in a foreign country. We very much appreciated the help while in destination for things we needed last minute. Again, above & beyond! Molly helped to ensure our experience was everything we wanted & more!”

FROM: C + M 

“During the planning process, We had a really effective conversation that struck the right balance of what our family wanted to do. During the trip we enjoyed Exploring the country's capital, our tours, and having freedom to explore without a prescribed schedule for some of the days! Thank you for everything!”

FROM: T + J 

“Wow...our whole trip was amazing. From the accommodations, to the recommendations, the aps & the communication about things - all top notch. Having all this information & planned completely made the trip so much more enjoyable. We were very nervous about making this trip at first because we had never been to this area but once we talked with Baylee & she helped plan everything, that all went away. We cannot say enough about how happy & pleased we were with what HC Travel Firm & Baylee did for us. We will definitely use them again & have been recommending HC Travel Firm to our family & friends!”

FROM: M + M 
DESTINATION: Southwest Roadtrip 

“Everything was perfect and so easy, thanks to all of Madison’s hard work! It was such a dream to not have to worry about anything or make a single decision after a year of wedding planning! I would 100,000% sure Madison again for another trip. Thanks for everything!”

FROM: L + J 

“Maddie listened to how we described the 'feeling' of the trip we wanted, and she brought it to life by putting together a fantastic itinerary that covered all of our wish list items and included great accommodations & experiences. From experiencing the history of London and the English countryside to strolling through Scotland's Dean Village, St. Andrews, Inverness & Oban, we relished our time in the UK. The trip to Ireland was filled with amazing scenery and people. Couldn't have been happier with the travel experience & Maddie's planning!”

FROM: D + S 

"Madison with HC Travel Firm planned us a dream vacation in less than FOUR WEEKS! She had every detail planned to perfection and all of our arrangements went off without any issues. From private transfers to food tours it was truly incredible. The firm uses an amazing app to help you navigate your day to day and they even go as far to provide emergency contacts within the country of your stay. We are already planning our next trip! 10/10

FROM: A + N 

"We have been on three trips now with Heather! Each just gets more & more incredible. We always feel understood & heard during our initial consultation with Heather.  We typically have no idea where we want to travel but know what type of trip we want to take - and she suggests places on the fly and can speak about them in depth.  It's very clear that she is a world traveler.  We've traveled to Greece (during a Medicane in 2018) - parts of our trip were in jeopardy due to ferry schedules changing... She was reachable 24/7 & came up with other ways to get us from island to island. Thankfully they were not needed. We also traveled to Hawaii (2019) and had all the experiences we could have wanted as first timers - including Pearl Harbor, a luau & the sunrise at Haleakala.  We would have missed out on all of these things without Heather as registering and requesting tickets must occur at a certain time/date or they sell out. Most recently we traveled to Germany (2023) and could not have had a better trip.  We asked for culture, fun & history.  When the car rental agency in Germany ran out of automatic cars to those in front of us, they somehow still had ours! Hotels are always top notch with great locations and the tour guides are knowledgeable & personable. Our trip to Greece included a hotel I had priced on my own (months before contacting Heather) and quickly realized it was out of my budget .. not with Heather!!  I appreciate the all inclusive pricing especially as we go on vacation with all of our lodging & travel expenses pre-paid.  We have referred friends & family to Heather and will gladly trust her with our treasured vacations for years to come."

FROM: The B Family 

“We had such a wonderful time! It was so much less stressful to not have to worry about all the little details because Heather and team took care of everything."

FROM: The R-G Family 
DESTINATION: London + Paris 

"We didn’t know exactly where we were wanting to go, but Heather was super responsive and helpful in directing us to the perfect place very quickly! What we loved most was how smooth everything went even with the travel and switching rooms. I really appreciated how we didn’t have to worry or stress about it and we were able to fully enjoy quality time together, in an incredible place! We are absolutely thinking about our next and looking forward to planning it out with Heather again!"

FROM: E + T 

“HC Travel Firm is a fantastic, professional, detail oriented company that provided a personalized service when planning our honeymoon trip to Europe. We worked with Madison to help narrow down our destination based on our interests, timeframe and budget. From there, we continued to edit and refine. Along the way, communication was very clear and timely. When it came time for the trip, every detail was executed perfectly. Madison and team created an exceptional trip that was tailored to us. Their industry expertise and hard work resulted in a wonderful, stress free trip for me and my husband. I am so happy we chose to engage a travel advisor for this trip, and wholeheartedly would recommend Madison and HC Travel Firm.”

FROM: C + M 
DESTINATION: Slovenia + Croatia 

“This is the third major trip that Heather and her team has planned for us, and each trip is further validation that I will never EVER travel without her help again. It’s truly a no brainer. I save so much time, money and mental anxiety with her support, and my family is even on the bandwagon now because the trips are so much more fun without the stress.”

FROM: L Family

“This was the most incredible trip, we had such a great time. It was impeccably planned, the hotels, the organization of events, everything was perfect. Our guides were THE BEST (seriously all of them but particularly Kurt in Nurnberg). I wish we had worked an extra day to rest but that is our bad and we were limited on time. We said we wanted to go go go and we did. We traveled confidently with HC Travel, even when the car dealership was out of automatic cars - they somehow had ours. ”

FROM: k + M

“We're so happy we worked with Molly for this trip! She was so responsive and really made sure we were happy with our itinerary before we went on our Bali trip. She made sure to check in when we arrived and made herself available for anything we needed. We had an awesome in-country team that we ended up coordinating with the majority of the time we were there, but I know that Molly would have been quick to step in if anything came up. The whole planning process was better than I could've expected (as someone new to using a travel advisor, I didn't really know what to expect and Molly helped with everything!) We hope to work with her for future trips!”


“I chose to work with Ellie because I didn’t have the time or knowledge to plan a trip to this extent! Seeing our trip come together and all the ideas Ellie presented to us was the best part of the planning process. We didn’t have to do any planning, researching or booking! We loved our trip to Italy! We have given so many people Ellie’s information and told them how amazing it was to work with her - it’s worth every penny. I will definitely be using Ellie for my next trip!”


“We had the absolute most amazing experience in Greece and we are so so thankful for HC Travel Firm’s help in planning our honeymoon! We seriously could not have imagined a more perfect trip.”


“Baylee was so very attentive to every detail of our trip and such a pleasure to work with. We had a tiny SOS and she quickly resolved the issue and was so helpful. Can’t recommend her enough!! Looking forward to 2024 travels in her hands!”

FROM: E Family

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for an absolutely incredible trip. Everything exceeded our expectations. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. It honestly feels like a dream. I don't think I've even fully processed it all. Each excursion was beyond incredible and all of the drivers were so kind, welcoming and professional. Every worry I had was eased, and we are so very grateful. Thank you for all of your hard work, especially pulling it together so quickly. You will definitely be hearing from us (and our friends and family) again.”